Wetland Policy Basics - Online Course

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Course Overview

This short online course was designed for anyone interested in Alberta's wetlands, and will teach:

  • what a wetland is and how it is classified
  • tips and direction on how to identify wetlands
  • a basic understanding of the regulatory requirements for activities in a wetland
  • an understanding the Wetland Policy and how it is implemented in Alberta

This course has recently received the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists' Peggy Thompson Award for high standards of achievement in conveying biological science concepts to the public.

Course Format:

This course can be accessed within 24 hours of registration and will be available for six months after registration.

The course consists of:

  • Four - 15-25 minute online modules,
  • Four - optional activities (approximately 15-30 minutes each) and
  • Four - optional quizzes to test your knowledge

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